Simon Hayland Photography ....

After a break of about 15 years from using decent cameras, I was tempted to rekindle my interest by two friends I work with. Having invested in a modern digital SLR camera, and dusted down the lens from near 20 years ago, I was amazed at the capabilities both onboard the camera, and back on the PC.

My style has evolved steadily over the past 4 years. To start with, I did little or no post processing of the images, and as I look back on some of my earlier images on the website, I have found the need to go back and re-process them. That will be a slow task, but for now I have re-processed the Dorset gallery.

I am now more open to post processing, but generally to strengthen the image, rather than to heavily distort it. I will often look to make an image slightly more dramatic via the use of generally just the curves tool in PS.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy being able to share them - I am quite choosey about the ones I display, but am always open to feedback on how I may have improved the original image, or done something different in post processing to show it off better.

Thank you for stopping by, Simon.

.... formerly known as Tricki Woo Photography ....

Some say he once appeared in the 70's TV series All Creatures Great and Small as Mrs Pumphrey's dog, others that he once appeared on stage singing a parody of Angels with the worlds shortest mini-me look-a-llike .... all we know is that he is spoilt and overweight ... and that his name is Tricki Woo!