I spotted on the BBC website that Lyme Regis was having a year long themed event called Maritime Lyme. Part of the schedule of events was a day out with two local photographers. As I have not been to the area at all to look around, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do so.

Having been, there are plenty of opportunities - many of them I completely missed, whilst looking for the landscape only type shots - there were great "seaside" photos to be had, and many of the other participants did a great job of capturing that other side, so I will have to go back as they are photo's I really like the look of.

I much shorter day than the previous workshop I did, and far more latitude to "do your own thing", but worthwhile none the less. It was also nice to be able to share photo's afterwards, and discuss them (as I say, it gave me lots of inspiration).
Lyme Regis Harbour at low tideLyme Regis HarbourLyme Regis HarbourLyme Regis - Monmouth BeachLyme Regis - Monmouth BeachLyme Regis - Monmouth Beach